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Moms Place Trust in Other Consumers and Word of Mouth

Moms make or heavily influence many, if not all purchase decisions in the family. In my family, if my dad made a major purchase decision without consulting my mom first, he could find himself standing in the “Returns” line at the store. In fact, moms are a powerful and highly influential consumer segment, driving billions in dollars in purchases for a wide range of products and services. As eMarketer points out word-of-mouth and consumer information sites and magazines scored highly. About one-fifth of respondents were influenced by text or video reviews.

So who do moms trust when they’re making purchase decisions? They trust other consumer reviews and Word of Mouth.

A new study by eMarketer shows that moms trust consumer reviews nearly 12 times more than descriptions provided by manufacturers and Word of Mouth up to 5 times more than paid media.

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