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How Brands Can Stay Top of Mind with Facebook’s New News Feed

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Staying relevant on Facebook seems to be most brands' major concern with the rollout of Facebook's new News feed. The News feed's subfeeds will allow users to have a quick way to focus on only what their friends are sharing. Users who chose this option are essentially opting out of seeing content from business pages that they follow.

There will be 4 main feeds in which fans can find your content– News feed, Most Recent, Photos, and Following.  Luckily for Pages, the ‘Following’ feed includes both people and Pages, so it's likely users will want to see both, but we all know those people, who don't want to hear from brands.

The ‘All Friends’ feed will certainly be one of the (if not the) most popular feeds.  If users choose this as their feed of choice, brand pages will suffer.  Overall, my guess is that the good and the bad will probably balance out.

What can brands do to continue to be seen?

Without advertising, there is a simple solution: Brand Advocates.

Brand Advocates are your biggest marketers. Advocates' recommendations are the number one influencer of purchase decisions and brand perceptions in nearly every product category from smartphones to software, hotels to housewares, cars to computers, and financial services to memberships.

In a recent Zuberance survey, 89 percent of Advocates said their friends buy or consider purchasing the products and services they recommend. Many consumers and business buyers ignore, skip, and TiVo out ads, but when advocates recommend something, consumers will go out of their way to buy it.

Brand Advocates are motivated by good experiences and a desire to help others. Over the last three years, Zuberance has powered over 30 million Advocate actions. We've never paid or provided an incentive to a single Advocate for their recommendation. And no Advocate has ever been given a freebie if their friends buy something.

Identifying, energizing and tracking Brand Advocates' activity is easy -- assuming you have a Brand Advocate Platform -- and it's what we do at Zuberance.

Brand Advocate receives email:

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Brand Advocate shares offer:

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Brand Advocate's Friends See Your Brand in their News feed:

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Sharing an offer is one of many ways for brands to get noticed and to stay relevant.

Companies that systematically identify and energize Brand Advocates are getting at least a 10X ROI in media and sales value, shown by our analysis of the Zuberance-powered advocacy program. In other words, for every $1 a company invests in energizing Advocates, the company gets $10 in positive WOM impressions and sales. This 10X "Return on Advocacy" is significantly higher than the return that marketers get from paid search campaigns on Google and other marketing approaches.

White Paper: The ROI of Energizing Brand Advocates

What plans do you have to keep your brand relevant when Facebook’s update News feed rolls out?

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