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Zuberance Teams Up With Viralheat to Energize Undiscovered Brand Advocates

Twitter currently has 200 million registered users. 42% of these users tweet multiple times a day and 23% tweet daily (source: Tough Marketing, Lab42) Social media channels like Facebook and Twitter have provided consumers with a megaphone to let their opinions about brands and products be heard. Marketers are struggling to harness the power of those channels and leverage their Brand Advocates to amplify their message across the social web.

Although many brands have been successful in building their fans and followers, marketers can't assume that those that are actively recommending them are connected to them on Facebook, Twitter, or other social channels. In fact only 24% of current customers follow that brand on Twitter (source: Tough Marketing.) Other brands continue to focus on building their social presence and can leverage their current Advocates to develop and grow their fan base.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce we are partnering with social monitoring and analytics platform, Viralheat, to provide our customers with the ability to identify and reach this large segment of undiscovered Advocates on one of today's most powerful social channels: Twitter.

Zuberance will be integrating Viralheat's sentiment analysis API to locate authentic Advocates and energize them to drive recommendations through Zuberance's social marketing platform. This provides us with the ability to deliver additional value to our growing roster of marquee brands.

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance