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10 Social Media Stats That Will Spook You

We're in the era of the connected consumer. Every marketer understands this by now (and if they don't, their customer base will soon look like a ghost town). However, as we're running marketing programs day to day, it's easy to forget just how much consumers rely on each other for purchase advice and the importance of online brand reputation. Here are 10 facts that are sure to give you a frightening reminder!

  1. 80% of consumers change their mind after reading a single bad review (Cone Communications).
  2. 96% of Facebook fans never return to a brand page after “liking” it (Brandglue).
  3. Due to EdgeRank, only 16% of your fanbase see branded posts in their newsfeeds (ComScore).
  4. Only 1% of Facebook fans engage with brands (Ehrenberg-Bass).
  5. One negative review can cost you 30 customers (Convergys).
  6. The negative experiences of every 100 shoppers results in the loss of 32-36 shoppers due to customer defection and negative word of mouth (Verde Group).
  7. Almost half of shoppers have avoided a particular store in the past because of someone else's negative experience (Verde Group).
  8. Only 33% of Americans have ever followed a brand in social media (Edison Research).
  9. 67% of social network users say that they rarely pay attention to advertisements on social networking sites (Mintel).
  10. The average consumer today checks 10.4 information sources before buying (Bazaarvoice).

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Happy Halloween!

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance

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Are you more of an Infographic person? We've turned the findings into an Infographic as well! Check it out here.

Traditional Marketing is So 90's. Modern Marketing is All About Recommendations

Hubspot recently published a killer infographic on “How Word of Mouth, Customer Reviews are Changing the Marketing World.” The infographic highlights the growing distrust of traditional advertising as consumers are turning to their friends, ratings, and reviews to gain insight on purchase decisions. Take a look at some of the key stats below.

Outbound is Out

  • Only 8% of consumers prefer online ads as the best source of product information.
  • 65% mute the TV, change the channel or skip ads.
  • 75% of people don’t accept advertisements as the truth.

Inbound is In

  • 63% of social media users feel consumer ratings are #1.
  • 90% of consumers discuss specific bands casually 90 times per week.
  • 90% of people trust brand recommendations from friends.
  • 70% trust consumer opinions.
  • Products that have received 50+ reviews create greater returns (which is 65% higher than products that have less than 5 reviews.)
  • 61% of consumers use search engines to read about products before a purchase.
  • 71% are more likely to purchase when referred by social media.

Success Story Stats

  • American Eagle added the “Like” button to every product on their site, and Facebook shoppers spent 57% more money.
  • Every Eventbrite link shared on Facebook generates $2.52 in ticket sales.
  • Each Ticketmaster event post by customers on Facebook results in $5.30 in direct ticket sales.
  • When Levi’s added the “Like” button, they saw a 40X increase in referral traffic.


Traditional marketing is so 90's. Modern marketing is all about recommendations.

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-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance