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Whitepaper: How to Super-Charge Content Marketing via Brand Advocates

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Everyone agrees that content is vital to marketing. But "feeding the content beast" is expensive and time consuming. According to a recent study from Curata, the top three challenges of content marketing are:

1. Creating original content 2. Having time to create content 3. Finding high-quality content

Well, here's the good news: You have a secret content marketing weapon that will help you overcome all three of these obstacles. That weapon is your highly-satisfied customers, AKA your “Brand Advocates.”

Your Advocates will gladly create compelling content such as:

  • Highly positive reviews
  • Glowing testimonials
  • Answers to prospects' questions
  • Positive tweets, posts, and comments
  • Videos, photos, and other multimedia content

Advocate-generated content provides powerful benefits to your company and brand:

  • Amplify positive Word of Mouth and/or combat negative Word of Mouth
  • Increase online ratings on third party review sites such as Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.
  • Improve search engine rankings by putting fresh, relevant content on your site
  • Increase lead conversion rates and sales (User-generated content boosts lead conversion rates by up to 125%, according to Marketing Sherpa)
  • Boost engagement across social channels

And since Advocates are your most passionate and enthusiastic customers, you don't have to motivate them with perks, coupons, or cash. So what's the secret to getting Advocates to create compelling content for your brand? Download the whitepaper now to find out.

You'll learn how to:

  • Find your Brand Advocates
  • Turn Advocates into content creating machines to support marketing initiatives
  • Leverage the authentic and compelling content your Advocates create
  • Track advocacy results and optimize

Download now: How to Super-Charge Content Marketing via Brand Advocates