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Brand Advocacy Belongs at #SXSW! Vote to Put Zuberance CEO on a Panel

50 Cent, The Black Keys, and Zuberance CEO/author of Brand Advocates, Rob Fuggetta. What do they all have in common? They're all SXSW alumni! Well...not yet at least. Help us get Rob to SXSW Interactive to spread the love of brand advocacy by voting for his two presentation submissions!

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[Panel Discussion] "Defining the New Social Media Advocate"


Brand advocates are at the heart of social media marketing. Whether moved to action by strong emotional ties to a brand or motivated by compensation and/or tangible incentives, brands and agencies are relying on the “borrowed reputation” of their advocates to amplify their marketing and advertising activities. Advocacy programs now operate under the cloud of consumer mistrust in digital and social content as the lines between paid and earned media continue to blur. While there is nothing inherently wrong with paying advocates, some argue that such programs are not suitable for brands to conduct on social media, regardless of the level of transparency offered. This panel examines how brands can best activate the kinetic advocacy of their social networks while preserving trust and building stronger individual and community relationships.



[Solo Presentation] "How to Turn Brand Advocates into a Marketing Force"



In the social media age, power has shifted from advertising’s Mad Men to millions of passionate Brand Advocates. Their trusted recommendations are driving purchase decisions for trillions of dollars in sales of cars to computers; soap to software; hotel rooms to home appliances; fitness memberships to fish tacos; and more. In this presentation, advocacy expert Rob Fuggetta shows marketers and business leaders how to identify Brand Advocates; energize them to spread positive Word of Mouth and drive sales; and track results from advocacy programs. Plus, Rob will present real-world case studies about how companies like Intuit, CDW, Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill and many others are leveraging their most enthusiastic customers to spread positive Word of Mouth and drive sales.

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