Advocacy Sells Cars and Other Large-Ticket Items

The holiday season has always been the make or break time for retailers. In order to come out on top, retailers should be leveraging their Brand Advocates to spread positive Word of Mouth (WOM), especially for large-ticket items like cars and technology/electronics. A recent study by S. Radoff Associates found that:

One half of consumers indicate Word of Mouth as a key influencer for cars (50%) and technology and electronics (49%).

(Already covered in some of our previous posts, WOM is also the #1 influencer in the hotel industry and B2B purchase decisions.)

President of S. Radoff and Associates, Sandy Radoff, states that during this holiday season, the companies “that can secure authentic positive reviews from their customers will have a clear advantage. They will get higher returns on their marketing dollars.”

So how should a brand go about “securing authentic positive reviews?” Identify and energize your Brand Advocates! Just make it easy for them to share their enthusiasm for your brand/product and they will create organic content and share their recommendations with their social networks. Plus, once you’ve identified your Advocates, you can go back to them even after the holiday season and they still be willing to spread the word about your brand.