This Week in Social: What Klout is Really Good For, Facebook Ditches Places

What Klout is Really Good For... Sure, you can reach out to the Klout-identified influencers in the hope that their reach will generate the “home run of marketing,” but just like home runs never make up more than 40% of a baseball team’s annual production, the bulk of your marketing should be focused on generating a lot of walks, singles and doubles. Marketers should broaden their focus to genuine Advocates who are already recommending their brand but might not have a blog or thousands of followers on Twitter.

Zuberance Teams Up With Viralheat to Energize Undiscovered Brand Advocates

Zuberance recently announced that we are partnering with social monitoring and analytics platform, Viralheat, to provide our customers with the ability to identify and reach the large segment of undiscovered Advocates on one of today’s most powerful social channels: Twitter. Zuberance will be integrating Viralheat’s sentiment analysis API to locate authentic Advocates and energize them to drive recommendations through Zuberance’s social marketing platform. This provides us with the ability to deliver additional value to our growing roster of marquee brands.

Facebook Ditches Places- But embiggens local tracking

Facebook is abandoning its Places feature after just one year since it launched the function – at the same time, location settings within the social network are being ramped up. "We have now matured the 'check-in' and your chosen location can now be tagged in your posts by any device (mobile or laptop). This is an opt-in function and can be as broad as a town or country, or specific as your favorite pub."

Burberry Brings Fragance Sampling Campaign Exclusively to Facebook

Burberry is launching a new Burberry Body fragrance in September, but you can’t pick up a tester at counters yet. The UK-based fashion brand is distributing the first round of samples exclusively to its 7.6 million Facebook fans. In past interviews, beauty marketers have noted that Facebook fans tended to be their most loyal and engaged customers and, as such, make excellent recipients for sampling programs.

Ticketmaster now lets you tag, sit with your Facebook friends

Ticketmaster has integrated Facebook into its interactive seat maps: you can now tag your seat to let your friends know where you’re going to be sitting. The idea is simple: once your friends know which seats you purchased, they can then check to see if seats near you are available for purchase. On the other hand, they can make a point not to buy tickets anywhere near you.

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance