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A New Site and Inspiring Video for Twitter's 5th Birthday

March 21, 2006- Twitter co-founder, Jack Dorsey sent out the world’s first tweet (back then it was called “twttr.”)

Now, an average of 140 million tweets are sent per day! As Twitter celebrates its fifth birthday, the company launched a new site, that features 16 famous tweeps from various industries and a video that highlights who they follow and where they find value in Twitter.

Some of the tweeps include Snoop Dogg who follows his “homegirl Martha Stewart because she loves to wake n bake with the big Snoop Dogg,” astronaut Paolo Nespoli who is “using Twitter to send pictures and thoughts from space,” and Richard Branson of Virgin Group who uses Twitter to “learn about and share what people are doing to make the world a better place.”

I find myself attempting to explain the value of Twitter to non-Twitter users all the time, so I absolutely love this video!

Check it out:

I'm looking forward to seeing where Twitter will be on it's 10th birthday. Happy birthday, Twitter!

-Cara Fuggetta, Marketing Manager, Zuberance