Word of Mouth in the Wild: Pillow, Appliances, Salon and Cable Service

In_the_Wild_7aPeople are talking positively and negatively about your brand, but do you know what they are saying? Brand Advocates go out of their way and are willing to recommend your brand without pay, incentive, or even you knowing.  Word of Mouth in the Wild is a new Friday series from Zuberance, highlighting word of mouth posts found during the week.

This week's examples of word of mouth in the wild feature a pillow, washer and dryer, salon and cable service.

Advocates go out of their way to recommend your product or service TwitterBird

Pillow Recommendation Tweet

When I tweeted that last week, I didn't expect much of  a response, other than people making fun of me. This just goes to show that Advocates will go out of their way to recommend, even when the recommendation isn't asked for. I'm happy that a side-sleeper, like myself, recommended this pillow to me. To note: last night was my first night sleeping with this pillow and I've already recommended it to five people this morning.

A happy customers tells 5 people, an unhappy customer tells 20,000  TwitterBird

Dish Negative Facebook Status

Detractors  go out of their way to let their networks know about terrible experiences. Cable companies are the epitome of brands that should have advocate marketing strategies in place to combat negative word of mouth. I see negative word of mouth about DISH all the time, but never to this extreme. I'll definitely remember this the next time I move and need to decide on a cable service.

Consumers trust recommendations from "people I know," not your brand's advertisements TwitterBird


Sure, DJ could read store advertisements, browse websites and wander stores aimlessly, but how would he know which washer and dryer he should purchase?  DJ took to his Facebook network for recommendations for a new washer and dryer. As you can see, many brands were highly recommended so it's up to DJ to make the final decision. I can only assume that he will take to review sites to further research these products before he makes a decision.

Advocates serve as your volunteer sales and marketing force TwitterBird

A few weeks ago, @Johnsonines asked for salon recommendations in San Diego. I was very quick to respond and recommend Autumn Houston, The Salon. Autumn was my stylist during my time in San Diego and I see her every time I'm near there for work, and I often look up flights just to go to San Diego to get my hair done. Advocates love to see that their recommendations make others happy. I'm thrilled that @Johnsonines had a great experience and is now recommending it to her networks. As an Advocate, I've sent new clients to Autumn and she has created more Brand Advocates.

Consumers are talking about your brand, do you know what they're saying?