Word of Mouth Rule #7: Advocates are Your Best Salespeople

WOM_RulesFire your salespeople. Energize your Advocates. That sounds extreme. But consider these three points.

  1. Prospects trust your Advocates more than your salespeople. 53% of business executives say colleagues’/friends’ Word of Mouth is the #1 influencer of their purchase decisions compared to 39% of sales representatives, according to a study for events management firm Jack Morton by Keller Fay, a leading Word of Mouth research firm.
  2. Advocates actually get their friends and colleagues to buy. According to Comscore and Yahoo!, Advocates actually convert prospects two to three times more often than non-Advocates.
  3. Unlike paid salespeople, Advocates evangelize you for free. They go out of their way to recommend you because they’ve had a great experience with your product or service and want to tell others.