Brand Advocates Turning Japanese


I'm delighted to share with you some exciting news about my book Brand AdvocatesBrand Advocates is going to be published in Japan next year in both print and online versions.


I predict that Advocate Marketing is going to be very important to Japanese marketers.

I'm especially convinced that mobile advocacy -- using mobile devices to recommend brands and products -- will be big in Japan.

Here's why:

First, Japanese consumers are very brand-conscious. High-end luxury brands are hugely popular among Japanese consumers, especially Millennials.

Second, Japanese consumers rely heavily on Word of Mouth recommendations in making purchase decisions. Word of Mouth -- positive or negative -- spreads like wildfire in Japan.

Third, Japanese consumers have the means to share their recommendations with friends via mobile devices and social networks. They also can broadcast their recommendations on sites like Amazon Japan, Chiebukuro from Yahoo, plus on Twitter (which is very popular in Japan.)

Domo arigato to my publisher John H. Wiley & Sons, Inc. for arranging the Japanese distribution deal. I'm looking forward to spreading the gospel of advocacy in Japan!

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