Word of Mouth in the Wild: Doctors, Apartments & Renter's Insurance

In_the_Wild_3aWord of Mouth in the Wild is a new Friday series from Zuberance, highlighting word of mouth posts found during the week. People are talking positively and negatively about your brand, but do you know what they are saying? Brand Advocates go out of their way and are willing to recommend your brand without pay, incentive, or even you knowing. This week we're highlighting a recommendation, need for recommendation and verbal advocacy conversation that turned into a sale.

Advocates want you to have the same positive experience

ZocDoc Recommendation

Advocates' serve as your customer acquisition force

There is no digital photo for this scenario, but it happened while I was at the Apple Store earlier this week. The conversation went a little something like this:

Chelsea: I wasn't planning on buying the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, but since I spilled coffee on my MacBook I didn't have much of a choice.

Apple Genius: Oh no! That's an expensive cup of coffee.

Chelsea: Actually, the retina display was free because of my renter's insurance with USAA. After claiming my computer with a list of damages from Apple, plus all of the software I had purchased, the reimbursement was enough for me to upgrade for the retina display.

Apple Genius: Really? I never thought renter's insurance would cover it.

Chelsea: (At this point I went into detail about USAA and other things they cover)

Apple Genius: "You just sold me on getting renter's insurance" - he then pulled out his phone and sent a text to his wife to get renter's insurance ASAP.

Boom! USAA Advocate shares a positive recommendation and sends them a new customer!

Consumers Trust their Networks, Not Your Ads


The apartment hunter could easily go on Craig's List and the umpteen apartment sites, but the way she's going to find out about the living experience, management and amenities is from people who have lived in those places. Buyers typically poll their networks and create a list based off of those recommendations and then do further research.

Do you know who your advocates are and what they're saying about you? Fuel your advocates to post positive reviews on those apartment sites, remind them about the perks of living there and ask their opinion for future improvements. The effort you put into identifying and engaging with your advocates can go a long way. 

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