Word of Mouth Poll Results

Slide01Yesterday's Webinar, Using Obama-Style Social Media to Drive Sales Now, was a great success!  Thank you to all of our attendees.  In case you missed the Webinar, we will be posting a recorded version right here, on ZuberRants.  Make sure to check back and learn how you can energize and mobilize your Advocates. During the Webinar, we took several polls and we wanted to share the findings with you:

Q: In the next 12 months, do you expect a percentage of your marketing budget to be invested in Word of Mouth Marketing?

20%- No 61%- Yes 19%- No, but plan to in the next 6 months

Q: What do you think the average donation for the Obama campaign was?

54%- $40 21%- $80 16%- $100 9%- $300 2%- $1,000

Q:  What percentage of your customers do you think would be highly likely to recommend your brand or product?

26%- 10% of customers 21%- 20% of customers 16%- 40% of customers 21%- 60% of customers 16%- 80% of customers