jonathan block

Your Advocates are on Facebook & Twitter, willing and ready to be energized!

Jonathan Block, VP-service director with sales and marketing consultancy SiriusDecisions was quoted recently in BtoB Magazine that one of their clients – Eloqua – found that people who were engaged with Eloqua on social channels had a Net Promoter score 450% times higher than the company’s average Net Promoter Score.

In other words, Eloqua customers who are engaged with social channels are 450% more likely to recommend them to others than average customers.

Eloqua is not alone.

Your Brand Advocates – those customers who act as Champions for your brand and influence the purchase decisions and perceptions of others – are following you on Facebook and Twitter, plus other social channels. They’re already proclaiming their love for your brands and products.

Your red hot opportunity: Find those Brand Advocates and energize them to recommend you to their social networks, driving qualified leads, traffic, and sales; essentially, “turning likes into leads.”

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1.      Find Brand Advocates on social channels: Use social listening tools to find people on social channels who are saying positive things about your brand or products.

2.      Engage Brand Advocates: Reach out to these Advocates to confirm that they are indeed Advocates and capture and/or confirm their email address and other contact information. A great way to do this is asking the “Ultimate Question” for customer loyalty: “How likely are you to recommend our brand or product to a friend?”

3.      Energize Brand Advocates: Give Advocates the opportunity and tools to recommend your brand in the form of Advocate Reviews; Advocate Stories; Advocate Answers; and Advocate Offers and make it easy for them to share these recommendations with their networks, branded community sites, or third party review sites.

By energizing your Advocates to recommend on the social web, you're empowering them to become a marketing force for your brand. And since Word of Mouth is the #1 influencer of purchase decisions, a substantial portion of these recommendations will turn into sales and potentially more Brand Advocates.

Getting more fans and followers is great. Finding your Brand Advocates and energizing them to recommend your brand is even better.

-Rob Fuggetta, Founder/CEO, Zuberance