10 Must Read Brand Advocacy Posts

This is definitely a top 10 list you're going to want to bookmark. Over the years we have shared a lot of information about brand advocates, earned media, brand advocacy and influencers -- all of this ranging from lists and infographics to tweets and webinars. This is a list of 10 posts you've enjoyed reading and sharing, not to mention, they're very informative. Speaking of tweeting, click to tweet to your network about this brand advocacy compilation.

Earn Your Black Belt in Advocate Marketing

Creating and leveraging Advocates should be the number one mission for every company. Marketing is no longer about impressions and clicks. It’s about building a movement around your brand and company, spearheaded by your Advocates. Watch 8 short videos (less than 2 minutes, each) and rock your company's advocacy efforts! Read ⇢

Customer Service Fuels Brand Advocacy

Customer service, or lack there of, on social media can make or break your brand. Show your guests you care, you don’t even have to send them products. Brand Advocates love you because of who you are. Be lovable. Read ⇢

5 Ways Brands Can Excite Customers in Six Seconds

Brand Advocates are already talking about you, and they are going to be talking about you on Vine, probably making really creative clips that you can share with your fans. If you’re not sure where to start, or how big you want to go – test it with your Brand Advocates, first, they know you the best and aren’t afraid to give their input. Read ⇢

Influencers vs. Brand Advocates & Why Influencer Outreach is Overrated

We teamed up with Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert, and created an infographic  to show what makes influencers and Brand Advocates different and why Influencer outreach is overrated. Read ⇢

10 Definitions of a Brand Advocate

We recently conducted a Twitter Poll with our followers asking them, How do you define the term “Brand Advocate?” Take a look at some of the definitions. Read ⇢

Consumers Don't Trust Brands, They Trust Their Friends

With the rise of social media and third party review sites, everyone has a voice these days. Even Cara's grandma told her she wrote a Yelp review of her local Hometown Buffet (she gave it 5/5 stars of course). It is now crucial that brands get their Advocates to venture out on the social web and recommend on their behalf. Check out these success stories of companies empowering their Advocates. Read ⇢

5 Ways to Create More Brand Advocates

Your company may be serving the wrong customers. They may not be well suited for your products or services. they may need more hand-holding than you’re willing or able to give them. They may be too high-maintenance, too demanding, or too cheap. Read ⇢

Infographic: Three Surprising Facts about Brand Advocates

This study provides further evidence about the power and influence of Brand Advocates.The message in the data is clear for B2C and B2B marketers: find and activate your Advocates now to generate more recommendations, referrals, and revenues. Read ⇢

Top 5 Brand Advocacy Practices for B2B and B2C 

According to a recent IBM studyCustomer Advocacy is the #1 priority for CMO’s worldwide. As more and more brands begin to create a brand advocacy strategy, it’s important to consider these five best practices. Read ⇢

Recommendations are the New Advertising

Consumers are overwhelmed by ads, and even if a brand does manage to get consumers’ attention by traditional advertising, they have a huge trust hurdle to jump.  So consumers are turning now to recommendations (Earned Media) as their trusted information source. Read ⇢

So, now that you're a brand advocacy genius, what questions do you have about brand advocacy, or what would you like us to dig deeper into? Tweet us @ChelseaRhane@RobFuggetta and/or @Zuberance.

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